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Ivan Tedesco
Bakers Factory

MX Training

Nathan Ramsey
Buddy Antunez
Pat “Sharky” McMullen

Fitness Training

Jared Becker, Becker Fitness/Phoenix, AZ


Tyler Vrba


Andrea & Tish Fappani
Luca Fappani (brother)

Refuse to quit-

In the challenging mud race, I initially led with a perfect hole shot but faced devastation after going down halfway through the lap, struggling to restart the bike and now in last place. Undeterred, I got back up and began pushing toward the front, not expecting to break into the top 15. Riding fearlessly, I focused on my full potential, unafraid of falls due to my position. The muddy chaos made it impossible to identify competitors as I swiftly progressed.

“Surprisingly, upon leaving the track, I realized I had worked my way back to the front, ultimately winning the championship and the AMA 2023 Amateur Racer of the Year.”