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If you have everything under control, you’re not moving fast enough.

– Mario Andretti

“What’s behind you doesn’t matter.”

– Enzo Ferrari

“You win titles on your bad days.”

– Ricky Carmichael #4

A man on the mission

I looked at 2023 as time to get my strength and confidence on the big bike. I’m very lucky to have the support from my team manager, Daniel Blair who trusted my decision to make the step to the 250 from the supermini and has been a great support system.

This year I had an amazing opportunity to go to Bakers Factory and train for 6 weeks. This  opportunity definitely prepared me for Loretta’s better the years past. Being from the west  coast the humidity always hit me hard. Being able to train and adapt made a huge difference. To train with the pros was incredible. Just watching their lines and speed really  pushed me. Aldon runs a tight ship, and his facility is first class. I really like his program.

This year Tyler Vrba is my race mechanic. He not only keeps my bikes in tip top shape but he  puts his heart into my racing. He puts in the hours, and I feel even though he’s not on the bike  he is 1000% in. He pushes me to be the best I can be on the track. I’m looking forward to what next year will bring.

Jared Becker has been my fitness trainer since 2016. Over the last 7 years he has helped build my strength on and off the bike. He has guided me to becoming a fit athlete and mentally.  strong. He is always there to talk and give advice, I’m very lucky to call him my friend.

Ivan Tedesco has been training me on the west coast for 2 years now. I really enjoy his  Knowledge on the bike. He is very calm when he coaches me but pushes me to be my best on the bike. I always enjoy when he rides with me, there is always something to learn when I’m on the track with him.